Linda Vickers’ Biography:

Born in Many, Louisiana, Sabine Parish, Linda moved to, and graduated High School in nearby Zwolle, a small saw mill lumber town, which boasts a History as colorful as the wild west. It had a Town Marshall who was likened to the famous Beauford Pusser  in "Walkin' Tall". “The Marshall Who Tamed Zwolle”, was a book written about his exploits.

Linda had a natural ability for art and from a very young age, was called upon by her school teachers to do many art projects. Linda's daughter, who also has a natural artistic ability, is a Graphic Designer living and working in Monroe, Louisiana.

Self taught, Linda paints in realistic detail and loves to capture nature and history. Linda attended workshops under the renowned Shreveport, Louisiana, Wildlife Artist Don Edwards. She attended various art workshops in Dallas, Texas, one being with Gary Jenkins well known artist and instructor.

Linda also taught children’s basic drawing and Foundational Studies in oils for adults.

As a member of Sabine Art Guild, Natchitoches Art Guild and Nacadoches, Texas, Art League, she participated in and won top honors in many shows including: “Artport”, an ongoing exhibition at the Shreveport Regional Airport, the Louisiana Duck Stamp Competition and other fundraising events. She also exhibited in a show in the prestigious Riverside Gallery of Shreveport.

As a skilled woodworker she prefers to make some of her own frames to give her paintings a personal finishing touch.

In 2001, Linda moved to Bermuda to marry John Elsegood, a Graphic Designer, Director and then part owner of  Aardvark Communications, Ltd.

Her first solo show in Bermuda, entitled “Artrepreneur”, held at the Masterworks Gallery in 2003, touched on subjects not yet captured by other artists in Bermuda.
She has exhibited in many shows at Masterworks and in the inaugural Bermuda Artists Exhibition at the opening of the New Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art. She has participated in the “Festival In The Garden”, held each year. Her work was featured at the TRAC gallery in Spruce Pine in the Route 80 Show presented by the Blue Ridge Fine Arts Guild. In 2012 she exhibited in Ohio at the Castle in the featured show Equine Jubilee.

Linda has exhibited many times at the Bermuda Society of Arts and their “Art In The Street”.

Her Artwork has been featured in yearly Bermuda Calendars over the past few years.

A percentage of the commissioned paintings she did while in Bermuda was donated to several local charities.

On June, 23, 2008, Linda and John retired and moved to their mountain home, The Hungry Trout Cabin, in Burnsville, N. Carolina.


Linda's paintings are rendered in great detail from photographs, in Oil, on canvas.
The photographs that you provide, will need to be in sharp focus, and shot in natural light without a flash, avoiding problems of flat light and loss of details, form, and red eye.
If you are unable to provide suitable images of your pet, we can arrange to come to your home for a photo session.
The fee for a round-trip 50 mile radius is $60.00, and .25cents per mile after that. 

She requires at least one photo for the pose and others for detail, and If you have a definite image of how you would like your pet to be portrayed, she can work with you.

Call for more information and estimates.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required.

All paintings are unframed, but, she can assist you in choosing a frame, at your expense. 
Choosing the PERFECT frame will make the portrait more beautiful.

Shipping will be either US Postal Service, FEDEX or UPS, will  be insured for the full value of painting, and customer will be charged the going rate at the time of Shipping.

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Please contact Linda through email: for pricing, shipping and insurance and details for payment through our secure
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